Flocked Sponge - Eyes

Flocked Sponge Brush - Eyes

This sponge applicator will help keep flaking down to a minimum. Excellent for contact lens wearers. Works extremely well for applying and blending concealers too! Washable sponge is a sanitary alternative to using fingers for blending.

Can create bold colors in less time than fluffy eye shadow brushes. Allows for precise applications.

USA Made.

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To apply: Dip brush into eye shadow and tap off excess. Pat shadow lightly onto eyelid. Tips for Use: Use each side for a different color, or try smudging and blending for a more natural look. If using one side for more than one color, apply colors light to dark and wash after use. Wash between each use for best results. To clean, wash brush in a small amount of soap and hot water.