A:We have a wide variety of clientele, including Celebrity Makeup Artists, Physicians & Hollywood Celebrities! Be sure to check out our press page.

A: We use certified organic ingredients when available. In addition, many of our products are MADE SAFE™ Certified and/or EWG VERIFIED™. 

A: Many of our products are available in Eco Friendly jars or compacts, and we ship your products in boxes that are made from recycled paper.

A: All products are USA made by a team of professional "Green" Chemists, and are manufactured in an FDA Registered and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility. All products have been rated “Low Toxicity” by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), and many are now EWG VERIFIED™ and MADE SAFE™ Certified. And, our products are rated "clean" in the Think Dirty app! We use natural, naturally derived and organic ingredients in our products, with each being carefully reviewed to ensure the very best quality. We offer a selection of non-toxic products that have been carefully developed for those who care about what goes on their skin and into their bloodstream. No product has ever been tested on animals.

A: Our products are manufactured in a cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility, and although not required by any federal or state regulatory department, our products have undergone the following tests to ensure safety: Heavy Metals: EWG VERIFIED™ products must be clinically tested for heavy metals. Nanoparticles: All ingredients have been screened for nanoparticles prior to manufacturing. Stability and Micro Challenge: Our products undergo micro challenge testing to ensure that our products are bacteria, yeast and mold free. We perform microstability testing to ensure that our products will function and perform properly over time.  Animal Testing: No Rejuva Minerals product has or ever will be subject to animal testing (humans only)! Gluten: Although not clinically tested, all products are free from gluten containing ingredients. In addition, most of our products are either EWG VERIFIED™ or Made Safe Certified which requires screening not stated above. Be sure to click on "Our Standards" link here.

A: GREAT NEWS! November 30, 2011, Rejuva Minerals has met the goals of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, and is a Safe Cosmetics “Champion,” which means we’re making some of the safest cosmetics on the market! By November 2011 Rejuva Minerals had: A) Complied with the European Union’s Cosmetics Directive, widely considered the global gold standard of cosmetics safety regulation. B) Disclosed all ingredients, including chemicals in “fragrance,” a complex mix of ingredients found in 40 percent of all personal care products; in the U.S., the components of “fragrance” can be shielded as a trade secret, even when the chemical cocktail contains hormone disruptors, carcinogens and other harmful substances. C) Published and regularly updated product information in Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetics database so that consumers had ready, online access to listings of all product ingredients. D) Complied with any additional ingredient prohibitions and restrictions under the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and substituted ingredients of concern with safer alternatives. E) Participated in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

A: Think Dirty® is committed to helping consumers identify the potential risks associated with the personal care products they use every day. Evaluations are performed by Think Dirty’s Founder and Advisory Board, all of whom have extensive experience in relevant fields such as Medicine, Biochemistry, Biology, Physiology, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Health & Safety and Chemical Engineering, and a track record of working with Health Canada, the US Food & Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, Environment Canada, the US Environmental Protection Agency and other related government and not-for-profit agencies. Click (here) to download the app.