Rejuva Minerals Application Tips

Patch Test Instructions

To ensure compatibility with your skin, please test our products before regular use. To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of the product to the inside of your wrist or the crook of your elbow. Leave for 24-48 hours without washing. Watch for signs of a reaction, such as redness, a rash, itchiness, etc. If no reaction occurs, the product may be suitable for regular use. However, please discontinue use if any reaction occurs, as sometimes the location or concentration of a product can trigger varying reactions.

How to Apply Mascara

  1. Unscrew the cap from your mascara tube and examine the mascara wand for clumps. If you see any clumps, wipe the wand on a tissue or on the end of the mascara tube to remove them.
  2. Apply mascara by wiggling the mascara wand slowly and gently from the base of the lashes outward. This creates a more even application as well as separates the lashes. This also helps "thicken" the lashes. Half-close your eye and gently run the mascara wand over the top of your lashes, being careful not to get mascara on your eyelid.
  3. Repeat steps 2-3 to apply additional coats (30 strokes per coat) until you have the length and thickness you desire. Additional coats should be applied while the mascara is still wet to avoid clumping or flaking.

How can I get a fuller lash line?

If multiple coats of mascara aren't providing the fullness you are looking for, check to make sure you are coating the lashes at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. These are commonly missed, and can create a fuller look. 

Should I apply mascara on my upper lashes only or on my lower lashes as well?

For a light, natural look, we recommend applying on the upper lashes only, particularly if you have fair skin and light eyes. If you have darker eyes and/or are looking for a more dramatic look, you could apply mascara lightly on the lower lashes. Wiggle back and forth from root to tip (starting on the upper side of the lower lashes) to separate and add a hint of color.

When do I use an eye lash curler?

If you are using a manual eyelash curler, curl your lashes before applying mascara. It is recommended to curl lashes immediately before applying mascara (one eye at a time) for best results. If you are using a heated eyelash curler, we recommend curling after the mascara has dried for best results.

How to Apply Powder Foundation

The primary purpose for using mineral makeup is to even out the skin tone for a more natural and luminous appearance. A sheer application will mirror your skin tone - naturally. Mineral makeup will adjust as it blends with your skins natural oils, creating a flawless look with no line of demarcation.

Sensitive Skin: When first trying out a new product, it is advisable to try the product in a small area first to see if your skin will have a reaction. Other products that may cause an allergic reaction are hair care products, cleansers, toners and moisturizers. If you experience an initial irritation (itching) after makeup application, this may be due to the bristles from your brush. Make sure you purchase a brush with soft (but firm) bristles. You may also wish to try a synthetic brush, if you are allergic to animal hair, or a makeup puff.

How to Apply Blush

How to Apply Eye Liner

Application tips for pencil eyeliner:

Application tips for cake eyeliner - Dry

Application tips for cake eyeliner - Wet

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Tip: Dark tones make the area seem more dramatic and receding. Lighter shades will bring attention to the eyes and make them appear larger.

How to Apply Concealer

Application tips

For dark circles