Bronzer & Contour Powder - Caribbean

Caribbean Bronzer / Contour loose powder is now available in 2 new sizes! Caribbean is suitable for light-tan skin tones, and will offer a sheer, semi-matte finish. This product is EWG VERIFIED™, MADE SAFE®, and rated "CLEAN" in the Think Dirty app! Blended with antioxidants from Certified Organic Fruits, Berries and Botanicals. Colored with minerals, fruits & berries only! No FD&C colors or carmine. Used on Celebrity Emily Ratajkowski! Read more under links below...  

1 gm. regular price $6.95. 15.8 gm. regular price $35.95. 



This formula contains no added gluten and is vegan friendly. Featured on lovely model, Danielle,here. Now available in 1 gm. Eco-Friendly, Italian Made glass jar (no sifter) and 15.8 gm. Italian Made, Eco Friendly sifter jars. Made from regenerated materials. BPA and phthalate free.

Boron Nitride (derived from mineral), Kaolin (clay), *Carnauba powder, *Red Raspberry, *Blueberry, *Grape, Iron Oxides. *Certified Organic. Tiny flecks of fruit and botanical particles may be visible in powder.

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Roxy, uses Rejuva Minerals Caribbean bronzer on Emily Ratajkowski during her Entourage movie premiere here.

For just a touch of color, apply with our Petite Face brush over your foundation, in areas where the sun touches your face - cheeks, chin, forehead.

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