Flawless Finish Oblong Blending Sponge
Pro makeup artist tips for a flawless finish ft. Beach Beige/Sand Beach

Flawless Finish Oblong Blending Sponge - USA Made

NEW USA Made Flawless Finish Blender Sponge! Rejuva Minerals Latex Free Blender Sponge will grow in size when wet, helping to prevent product absorption. Use with your favorite liquid or powder makeup. Wash after each use. Towel dry thoroughly to reduce bacterial contamination. Replace every 3 months. Click on video for a tutorial on proper usage.

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Latex Free - Made from polyurethane.

Directions for applying liquid foundation: Wet the sponge completely with water or setting spray, and squeeze out excess water. Use a towel if necessary to remove excess. Pick up makeup with sponge and apply makeup in a patting motion. Use the large rounded surface for large areas and the contoured tip for small areas.