What To Do With These 3 Products


Primer/Finisher/Dry Shampoo

First, let’s talk about the primer/finisher/dry shampoo, Multi Task. Rejuva Minerals has formulated this loose, white powder to be colorless. But what does that mean, exactly? Glad you asked! Because foundations and concealers come in varying shades, it makes sense that your primer should impose as little as possible on the tones and undertones of foundations and/or concealers (we’ll talk about those next). The priming properties allow for a clean, easy and even foundation/concealer base. As a primer/finisher, the Buki brush works well for applications. A little goes a long way, so be sure to 1) swirl your brush in the powder for even distribution and 2) shake off any excess before applying.

loose powder, primer, finisher, pink sifter jar with twist off lid

It also works great to prevent ‘raccoon eyes’ caused by excess oil. The primer actually absorbs and controls the oil, allowing the liner/mascara to stay where you put it. Having trouble with mascara dotting? Before applying or after cleaning the area of unwanted product, apply Multi Task to the area around the eyes using a brush like the Shadow Blender, Flocked Eye shadow Sponge or the Cover & blend brush. These brushes work great for ‘spot’ applications.

Speaking of oil, this nifty product also works as a dry shampoo! For those that need a little oil control around the hairline this is very handy. As far as what tools to use, we have some options that will depend on preference and coverage. For small areas around the hairline, it may be easiest to work with a brush, such as those used for spot applications (mentioned above). Need volume? Shake some into your hand or directly on the roots and work through the first inch or two from the roots up. A little goes a long way with this product, so be sure to test it out before using this method. Too much may leave your scalp feeling heavy.


Time to talk about concealer. What makes an effective concealer comes down to balancing unwanted tones, such as redness or dark under eye circles. Rejuva Minerals has formulated two shades for the job. Golden Sand is the shade best suited for balancing redness caused by rosacea, acne and other skin conditions. Natural illuminates under eye circles and sun/age spots. These powders can be applied in spots with the Shadow Blender and the Cover & Blend brushes or your finger.

Concealers can also be applied to the total face using a Buki Brush. Applying all over provides an even tone for blotchy or uneven skin tones. If the problem isn’t too bad, or you just like the idea of having a concealer in place, we suggest choosing a concealer to match the undertones of your foundation. For instance, if you are wearing a warm shade, such as St Tropez or Glow, Golden Sand is the better choice. If Sand or Radiance is your shade, Natural is recommended.

Powdered concealers are perfect for hiding minor blemishes and are usually worn under foundation, but can be applied over in spots if extra coverage is needed. When applying over foundation, be sure to blend the edges of the site into the foundation with gentle, outward strokes moving away from the area of coverage.


Finally, we get to foundation. These nifty powders are designed to finish the job of evening out the skin tone for a more natural and luminous appearance. Prep the face by washing and moisturizing the skin. Once the primer and concealer (if needed) are both in place, apply the foundation in a tone that matches your own. In some cases, balancing the skin tone with an opposite shade is best. For instance, very fair skin with cool undertones may need some ‘warmth’ added in. In this case, be sure the level (fair, light, medium, etc.) matches your own and chose a warm shade, such as Coconut Cream. Another example is light rosacea. This can sometimes be balanced with a foundation containing a yellow undertone, like Nude or Dune.

One of the best things (besides the clean, safe ingredients) about our mineral makeup is that it warms to the skin, blending flawlessly for a natural glow and no line of demarcation! Sometimes, however, the powder may not warm with your natural oils as well or as quickly as you might like. In the winter, when you are dehydrated or if you have naturally dry skin are good examples of circumstances under which this might occur. Not to worry, though. A quick spritz with a bit of water will help the process move along faster. Need help choosing a shade? Chat with us or submit an online inquiry for assistance. The best method is to send in a sample of your current powdered foundation (pressed or loose) for a complimentary on site shade match. Include your email for a faster response. Gotta have it today? Attach a photo directly to the chat window or email. Include the brand and shade you currently wear for the best results.

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