NEW Luxe Loose Powder

Beauty care can get a bit overwhelming when there’s a different product for all the many functions we seek. Lipstick isn’t used for anything else but our pout but when there’s an exceptional, impressive product that can be utilized in a multitude of ways, it’s time to take notice. This is certainly the case with our Luxe Loose powder. Not only can it be used to set makeup but it functions as an excellent primer and base as well as a tremendous hair aid. A white translucent powder (also available in Fair-Light and Medium-Tan) with a sheer finish that meshes well with any complexion, the sheerness of the application fits a variety of skin tones. It has been used by some of the top Celebrity makeup artists and leading ladies. With a semi-matte finish, it helps to control the effects of excessive oil production. Here are some key ways this stellar product is a complete home run!

Organic ingredients- we know how important your skin is. There is no reason to use products that are harsh and potentially reactive to sensitive or delicate skin. This product was formulated with that in mind as it’s blended with organic tapioca, to help control shine. The translucent shade is also EWG verified which means it has passed specific criteria by the Environmental Working Group.

Keeps you matte- there is nothing worse than looking like a total oil slick a couple of hours after applying fresh makeup. If you’re unlucky, you may start to notice a bit of oil production in just one hour after you set your makeup. This doesn’t only feel like a total waste of time but it’s a complete inconvenience. With our Luxe Loose powder, you’ll experience a level of shine control that rivals many other products on the market. It even helps to mitigate the appearance of pores which will provide you with a smooth, flawless skin finish.

Photo ready finish- so many powders are not appropriate for bright lights and flash and cause quite an embarrassing moment when a picture is taken. Having remnants and particles of white power around the nose and cheeks is what we call a major makeup meltdown. Multi-Task powder will never have you in this situation as it was crafted to provide a natural photo ready finish. As a primer, it helps makeup to more fully and completely adhere to skin while also blending seamlessly into the crevices of the face.

Dry shampoo- there aren’t many makeup products on the market that can also double as a hair product. In fact, that very concept is completely foreign to so many. But with the Multi-Task powder, that unheard of option is most definitely a reality. For those days where you simply don’t have the time to wash your hair, try applying a bit of the powder to your roots. The unique formula will help to absorb and control oil while also providing a natural, easy boost of volume and life to your hair. No need to fret over oily and limp hair any longer. This powder will have your hair looking incredible.

Vegan- it’s important to be mindful of where your money goes and what ties the products have to important causes. For those who have a mostly plant-based diet, for whatever reason, you can rest assured that this product is completely free of any animal by-products or testing. We take our commitment to health and fairness very seriously and won’t compromise it in the production of our products. Supporting a company and organization that feels strongly about the fair and humane treatment of animals will make you feel good about shopping with us.

If you’re looking for a beauty product with multiple functions; one that keeps you matte, sets your makeup and can be doubled as a hair refresher: try our Multi Task Powder. It’s a cut above the rest and well worth the try to enjoy a flawless finish and camera ready skin. Purchase it today, and you won’t be disappointed.






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