Shine on, Sun! Just Not Off My Forehead!


It’s finally ‘girl’s night’. You’re having an epic time with your crew and it needs to be shared with the rest of Instagram. Hair? Check! Outfit? On point! Makeup? Wait! Don’t snap that selfie! What’s up with that shine?!

Yep, summer is in full swing. And while the longer, more active days and blooming flowers never seem to get old, that glossy forehead sure does! So what does one do to prevent that? Multi Task. No, I don’t mean your exhaustive list of daily ‘To Do’s’ at work (to be continued at home). Multi Task is a powder that works like crazy for you! All day.

This little miracle powder is a primer, finisher AND a dry shampoo! It’s so sheer it works on dark hair as well, eliminating yet another choice you have to make in your busy, multi-tasking day. You’re Welcome! Chuck some in your purse, car or gym bag to hit up those roots later or dust a bit on before and/or after your regular makeup routine and know that you’re prepared to combat those overactive oil glands that seem to blossom with the flowers every year.

Did I forget to mention Multi Task is also EWG Verified™? Oh yeah. It’s safe. Check out the ratings here. With naturally derived and organic ingredients that sound more like a tropical spritzer recipe it’s not surprising. Wondering what else we offer that is EWG Verified™? Click on to see for yourself.

So now that you know how to (not) shine brightly in your next group selfie, click over and make it happen!

loose powder, primer, finisher, pink sifter jar with twist off lid

Shelly Broaderick – Licensed Cosmetologist for Rejuva Minerals

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