Bronzer: Are you doing it right?


No matter what season we find ourselves in, bronzer is a must. It balances the ‘flat’ look a perfectly balanced skin tone can create, after applying foundation, by adding a touch of sun kissed depth in all the right places. Read on to learn where those ‘right places’ are and how they differ from contour placement.

Do you know the difference between a contour and a bronzer? Don’t worry if you answered no here. You are not alone! Contours add the appearance of a shadow for the purpose of defining; changing the shape of your face strictly through the use of makeup! Highlighting goes with it like gold and diamonds. Otherwise, you’ve got dark streaks here and there. But, we can go over that more in another post. Let us know if you would be interested in learning more about this by email or chat.

Bronzer is applied to add warmth and depth, but should not be applied randomly or all over. If you want an all over glow, opt for a deeper shade of foundation instead. We’re going to go over two separate placements here.

The first will be for those that want a glow while keeping a ‘wide open’ look to the eyes, nose and mouth areas. Do you have lighter skin tones and want to avoid the ‘orange’ look? Opt for our new pressed bronzer in Figi. Looking for a deeper, red/gold glow? Choose Caribbean loose powder bronzer. Dip or swipe your Chisel & Blend brush in the bronzer. If using loose, remember to tap off excess powder. Apply around the perimeter of the face in the shape of a ‘3’. Here is what it looks like.

Too dark? Before you freak out and grab the remover pads, try this. The Chisel & Blend is designed to handle this makeup crisis. Keep swiping over the area, blending a bit up and down, if desired, and the harshness will dissipate. Remember, if you blend up or down, it will carry the color to those areas, albeit in a lighter shade. But bronzer is not meant to stray all the way up or down the face so use very light, short strokes if you need to get rid of a harsh line.

For those that want a ‘fresh from the beach’ look, Placement should be where the sun naturally darkens the face. That being said, let’s have another look at our lovely assistant below for a placement diagram:

A bronzer’s BFF is Blush. The two come together to form a youthful, radiant glow. This is a good occasion to consider a little dewy shimmer. Try Berry Blast Baked blush or Pink Crush Baked eye shadow to put the ‘youthful’ in your glow. Berry Blast offers a pigment rich pink/violet shimmery finish without a ‘glittery’ look. Light skin? A little goes a long way here, so use a light hand and the Petite Face Brush to apply. Keep a clean Chisel & Blend handy, to tone it down if necessary. Medium or better? This blush is perfect for you! Pink Crush adds the perfect, rosy touch to light cheek bones for a natural looking blush/highlighter combo.

Curious about what Daryn, our lovely assistant is wearing? Here’s the rundown:

FACE: New Luminous Creme Foundation in Tropical Coconut* + Nude Pressed Powder 
EYES: Pink Parfait, White Diamond and Brazilian Brown w/ Mega Lash mascara
CHEEKS: Tropical Sunset
LIPS: Berry Bliss lipstick 
TOOLS: Chisel & Blend brush shown

*Discontinued. Try Flawless Finish cream foundation in Buttercream instead.