Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation? Which is Right for You?

EWG VERIFIED™ Tinted Moisturizer in shade Fair-Light https://www.rejuvaminerals.com/store/tinted-moisturizer.php

The bad news? There just isn’t a straightforward answer here. The good news? We’ve got some info below that can help you decide what works best for you and ‘when’. First, let’s cover the differences, just in case…

Tinted Moisturizer – A lightweight moisturizer with a touch of color that is applied over clean skin. The color is added to provide an ultra-sheer, ‘blurring’ effect, meaning it will help balance some of your skin’s tones and leave you with a ‘no makeup’ look. It is NOT buildable, as it is first and foremost a skin care product. So, if you get it on and feel like you could use a little more ‘balance’, pat on some EWG VERIFIED™ Natural Look pressed powder foundation over top. It can go all over or just in spots. You decide. Another good choice if you need coverage that is better than just balanced, is to dust on some concealer in shades Natural or Golden Sand, depending on your skin tone. Natural has pink undertones while Golden Sand has exactly what the name implies- yellow.

Rejuva Minerals Tinted Moisturizer features plumping and firming peptides. It gives a smoother, more toned, hydrated look without shimmer or sparkles, and is EWG VERIFIED™. It’s perfect for normal, dry, and mature skin. 

Foundation – A makeup product intended to balance skin tones, which allows for the appearance of smooth, even skin. Coverages vary, from light to full coverage and some even feature skin nourishing ingredients, such as the jojoba included in Natural Look pressed powder foundation. Natural Look Foundation IS buildable, so don’t be scared to pat on more, until you reach this product’s maximum coverage. Foundation is NOT a concealer. That being said, it can help in the concealment of mild imperfections and/or unwanted tones, such as redness (aka skin balancing). Concealers will contain more white pigmentation in the formula, which will help ‘block out’ (vs ‘balance’) unwanted tones and blemishes.

Foundations are sold in a wide variety of skin tones that are intended to match, balance or lighten/deepen your own skin tone. Since most of us don’t live on set, care should be taken when lightening/deepening your skin tone with foundation. Half a shade, plus or minus, should be the maximum. Otherwise, that tell-tale line of demarcation will ring your face. Ugh, nobody likes that. Apply a bronzer for a sun kissed look.

EWG VERIFIED™ Natural Look Pressed Powder Foundation in shade Sand

Ok, now that we’ve covered the basics, the question narrows down to WHEN would be a good time to wear each? You probably already have an idea, but here are some thoughts on it anyway. Tinted Moisturizer, with it’s fresh faced, ‘no makeup’ finish, is perfect for weekends when you toss up the hair, pull on the work out gear and get things done. Hitting the trail early in the morning with your BFF is another good time for a quick, fuss-free application. Need to run errands and don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without a little something extra in place? No problem! Between loads of laundry you can pop into the bathroom and pat on some powdered foundation or concealer over your tinted, moisturized face and you’re ready to fly!

Foundations are typically worn to work, evenings out, social events and when you’ll be spending time with that one special person who is very into Instagram and Snapchat. They are applied over clean, moisturized skin. Our best advice? Use the Tinted Moisturizer under the Natural Look pressed powder foundation. That leaves you with more options, coverage-wise, and a look that is a little more ‘pulled together’ on those occasions when ‘no makeup’ makeup just isn’t enough.