Facial Oils: Who Benefits Most and Why


You may have heard the whispers in the beauty world and beyond about the benefits of facial oils but did you know some facial oils, such as EWG VERIFIED™ organic Luscious Berries Multi-Purpose oil, can be used as an oil based facial cleanser? Read on to find out more!


Say ‘Hello’ to a Radiant Glow and ‘Bye Bye’ to Greasy Face

Because Jojoba is actually a wax, and not an oil, it does not feel greasy nor sit heavy on the face. Over time, Luscious Berries will help soften lines. Love your firming cream too much to break up with it? No worries! Apply the cream or maybe Ultra Hydration Moisturizing lotion first. Save the Multi-Purpose oil for last as it will ‘seal’ in the emollients and moisturizers found in Ultra Hydration, helping to promote a youthful glow.

But I Have Acne.

Our cosmetics and skin care are formulated specifically for this purpose and are free of commonly known irritants.

Luscious Berries Multi-purpose oil contains 100% certified organic ingredients and is a well-balanced, light oil formulated for use on the face, hair and cuticles. It does not make the list of oils expected to clog pores and contribute to the formation of acne and blackheads. To use on hair I recommend applying it to the dry ends at least 15 minutes or more before you shampoo. This will help protect those ends from the harshness of detergents. For those with baby fine hair this is an especially effective pre-treatment.

Can It Pump My Gas?

Well, you got me there. But it does make an excellent carrier oil for essential oils, to prep the face for mineral cosmetics and to clean the face in place of soaps. Yep, it is known as Oil Cleansing. If you haven’t tried a muslin face cloth, this would be a great time to do so or just use your go-to. Since there are no detergents, a quick swipe with a Cranberry Fruit makeup remover pad, followed by a cool rinse,

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would be great afterwards.

To begin, wet the cloth with warm water and dampen the face. Don’t forget the neck and décolleté. If you already have makeup on, wipe it off with the wet cloth. It does not have to be perfectly clear of all makeup. You’ll see why in a moment. Pump out enough Multi-Purpose oil to make about a quarter sized spot, or pump about the same amount in the palm of your hand and dip. Using small circular motions, apply the oil all over, even the eye area.

Typically, it only takes one application to clear away our naturally derived and organic mineral makeup. To test this, I used one of the new Cranberry Fruit makeup remover pads afterwards. It worked! The pad looked just as it did fresh out of the jar!

So, if you’re not getting the results you expected from your current skin care regime, try adding Luscious Berries Multi-Purpose Oil.