Finally! An Affordable All Natural Organic Makeup Brand!



Phthalates, BPA, Endocrine-disruptors, Toxic load and so on. Who isn’t thoroughly confused by now? With all of the talk about what ingredients and harmful chemicals should be avoided, things can get that way fast. Misinformation happens too easily, due in large part to the lack of relevant, current regulations in the cosmetic industry and the misrepresentation of information by companies and others who stand to gain from the turmoil. It is ultimately up to us as individuals to determine what is right for our health, our budgets and our lifestyles. But, really, who has time for all of that?! Fortunately, as sometimes happens in life, there is an easy answer to this problem!


There are a few companies and organizations who have put in many hours and much toil to make these difficult choices easier and less time-consuming for us all. Credible, scientifically-based information is now just a click or a download away. With websites like EWG, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and apps like Think Dirty, finding the best organic makeup boils down to a simple number. These sites have culminated elaborate databases and involved third party testing laboratories to simplify the process of finding truly safe natural makeup products. The process of making these determinations varies by organization and most are more than willing to share their methodology. A quick visit to the website should readily yield this information. From there, it is just a matter of finding the right product at the right price.


All cosmetic companies who offer all natural makeup should be willing to do a minimum of two things; offer full ingredient disclosure and be willing to answer any questions or discuss any concerns in a timely manner. Rejuva Minerals has taken this a few steps further by not only providing the above, but offering top-shelf natural and organic makeup that works! A clean, safe product that has been manufactured by a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory, right here in the USA. And would you believe, it is also affordably priced?! Well, it’s true!


Each ingredient has been hand-picked for safety from harmful, unhealthy side-effects, as well as to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and mild irritation due to contact dermatitis. Whether you have been searching for what feels like forever for titanium dioxide free makeup products or know a friend who needs mica free makeup, Rejuva Minerals has done the research, put in the time and produced the best organic makeup for those who have had to ‘make do’ without,  due to a lack of transparency in today’s marketplace.


Need your makeup to be chemical free? Not a problem for this little company with a powerful drive toward fair and ethical business practices and healthier choices. For complete details on how Rejuva Minerals stands apart in today’s ‘green’ market, visit our product safety page.

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