EWG VERIFIED™ 15.8 gm. Golden Amber
EWG VERIFIED™ 15.8 gm. Golden Amber
EWG VERIFIED™ 15.8 gm. Golden Amber
EWG VERIFIED™ 15.8 gm. Soft Beige
Tropical Collection  - Cozumel (Warm)
Tropical Collection  - Aruba (Tan/Neutral)
Rated Clean in the Think Dirty app
MADE SAFE® Certified

Loose Foundation

All loose powder foundations are BOGO while supplies last.

Soft Beige and Golden Amber: *Titanium dioxide and mica free loose powder foundation. EWG VERIFIED™, MADE SAFE® and rated "CLEAN" in the Think Dirty app! Blended with antioxidants from Certified Organic Fruits, Berries & Botanicals. Colored with minerals, botanicals, fruits & berries only! No FD&C colors or carmine. Used on Zosia Mamet on set of "Girls" and Nickelodeon's "Knight Squad" cast here! Read more under links below!

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15.8 gm. 

BOGO (buy one get one free) Golden Amber or Soft Beige. Simply add one unit to your cart and receive two! No further steps needed. 

Aruba and Cozumel: *Titanium dioxide free loose powder foundation for sensitive skin! Colored with minerals only! No FD&C colors or carmine. This product will offer a natural, semi-matte finish and will help to even out skin tones. *Coverage may be sheerer than traditional makeup due to the titanium dioxide free formula.

Are you a former user of Natural Look Pressed Powder in St. Tropez? If so, you may find Aruba to be comparable. Are you a former user of Dune pressed powder? Cozumel may be comparable, but darker.

Net weight: 9 gm.

BOGO (buy one get one free) Aruba or Cozumel. Simply add one unit to your cart and receive two! No further steps needed.


Our loose powders will resist caking and settling in lines and pores, while providing a silky smooth, natural 'semi-matte' finish. Layers to provide a light-medium (buildable) coverage. Vegan friendly. 


Soft Beige and Golden Amber: Boron Nitride (derived from mineral), Kaolin (clay), *Carnauba powder, *Raspberry, *Grape, *Blueberry, Iron Oxides. *Certified Organic. Tiny flecks of fruit and botanical particles may be visible in powder.

Aruba and Cozumel: Boron Nitride, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Silica, Iron Oxide, Jojoba Esters

Sara Glick, Celebrity Makeup Artist, uses Rejuva Minerals on Zosia Mamet for the cover of ASOS magazine! This product can also be found on the set of the HBO series Girls.

Used on Nickelodeon's "Knight Squad" cast here!

Sara Glick, Celeb Makeup Artist, uses Rejuva Minerals loose foundation; The Seven Key Pieces; Spring section; Harper's Bazaar Mag. Credit shown on page 5 here.

Please be sure to review our return / exchange policy prior to placing your first order.

The primary purpose for using mineral makeup is to even out the skin tone for a more natural and luminous appearance. A sheer application will mirror your skin tone - naturally. Mineral makeup will adjust as it blends with your skins natural oils, creating a flawless look with no line of demarcation.

The first step to mineral foundation application is to properly prepare your face with moisturizer. Always be sure the moisturizer is completely soaked in before foundation application, in order to avoid streaking.

Next, you may want to further prepare your skin with a light layer of Multi-Task powder as a primer. This delightful powder is nearly colorless and suitable for all skin tones. It will help create a smooth surface on which to apply your foundation. This is especially good for those with oily skin, large pores and/or scarring.

1) To apply the foundation, start with a clean makeup tool made for mineral makeup, such as a Kabuki or Puff.

2) Pick a small amount of powder up with your Puff or Kabuki, and tap off excess.

3) Gently buff powder in a circular motion onto skin, starting with areas that need extra coverage.

4) Work the foundation into the skin by pressing the brush or puff gently but firmly to your face.

5) To get a flawless natural look, always apply mineral foundation in thin, light layers. Keep adding layers until the desired coverage has been reached.

Your mineral foundation color will deepen slightly, and will set after warming to your skin.

To greatly reduce (or completely eliminate) waste, mess, and airborne particles, try our Mini Mop Sponge Brush or Puff.

Always remember, less is better! Mineral foundation will "warm" to the skin with a healthy and natural matte finish, with coverage that lasts all day.

Sensitive Skin: When first trying out a new product, it is advisable to try the product in a small area first to see if your skin will have a reaction. Other products that may cause an allergic reaction are hair care products, cleansers, toners and moisturizers. If you experience an initial irritation (itching) after makeup application, this may be due to the bristles from your brush. Make sure you purchase a brush with soft (but firm) bristles. You may also wish to try a synthetic brush, if you are allergic to animal hair, or a puff.

I recently ordered a bunch of samples and settled on the loose powder foundation. The "soft tan" matches my skin tone perfectly (which was easy to discover, thanks to the affordable -- and amply filled -- sample jars!), and best of all, it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. I'm pregnant with my first child and was desperately searching for makeup that I didn't feel scared to apply -- Rejuva Minerals has put my mind at ease. And the customer service is fantastic! Alex D.

I just got samples of the new foundation – LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! The Soft Tan is my new fave, and it looks and feels amazing from the moment I put it on. Today was the first full day with it and it looked great at the end of the day too. Robin M.

I have ordered Foundation in Soft Beige and the Loose powder blush in soft rose. I have ordered the samples to make sure it matches my skin tone. I totally love them!!! The makeup is so soft and smooth.It stays on my face all day long. It doesn't even look like i have make up on. Rejuva Minerals is the Best!!! I will be soon ordering the original sizes and cant wait to try the eye shadows! Alla A. CA

I have been looking at different products through cosmeticsdatabase.com and found your company through the website. I ordered the following products and have been using them for at least 2 weeks now and have found them to be a good match for my sensitive skin: 1) Foundation Golden Glow 2) Concealer Sand. The shades have been the best match for my skin tone out of several (other companies) I have tried. In addition, I have not noticed any irritation or negative side effects (breakouts, etc.) from any of the products. It makes me happy to have finally found products that I like and are good for my skin (from trial use and based on the ratings at cosmeticsdatabase.com)! Thank you! E.B.

I have very sensitive acne prone skin and I felt like every time I put on make-up my skin would break out. I resolved to stop wearing make-up but I wanted the flawless look that make-up gives. I decided to try Rejuva minerals because it doesn't have any chemicals or titanium dioxide. I am so happy with the results! My super sensitive skin loves this foundation. Samantha, California

It's my first time using Rejuva minerals, and so far love the Golden Amber foundation, is a perfect match for my skin tone. I love that it is neutral not to yellow or pink. I'm excited to try more of the Rejuva products. Thanks for the non-toxic ingredients. Rhonda F. IA.

I am 39 years old. I have highly sensitive skin and now that I'm getting older my face is very dry at times and age lines are more difficult to hide. It seem the older I get the more sensitive my skin becomes. I am now allergic to not only mica, but bismuth oxichloride and titanium dioxide. Not fun. I can't tell you how much money I've wasted trying different products. I have gotten foundation samples and am impressed. Not only is my face "reaction free," but the foundation and concealer does not make accent my wrinkles or crease. Gretchen Jarosek, Waco, Texas.

I just purchased trial size jar of Rejuva Mineral loose powder foundation. I have tried many different brands of foundation and have never found one that matches and enhances my natural skin tone as this product does. I have light to medium olive skin with neutral undertones, not yellow. It has been extremely difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin and does not give me an unnatural golden tone or an unflattering pink color. I tried the foundation in Natural Beige and found it to be a very nice match. Finally!! The other brands of mineral makeup that I have used have left my dry skin feeling dry and itchy. This is not the case with this product, for which I am very pleased. In addition, I feel good purchasing a product that does NOT contain harmful chemicals but rather soothing organic ones that simply feels good on my face. Thank you Rejuva! Maria D.

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