Tropical Collection  - Cozumel (Warm)
Tropical Collection - Cozumel (Warm)
Tropical Collection  - Cozumel (Warm)
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Loose Foundation

Loose powder foundations are being discontinued. Please consider our Natural Look Pressed Powder or Age Defying Liquid Foundation

Titanium dioxide free loose powder foundation for sensitive skin! Colored with minerals only! No FD&C colors or carmine. This product will offer a natural, semi-matte finish and will help to even out skin tones. *Coverage may be sheerer than traditional makeup due to the titanium dioxide free formula.

Net weight: 9 gm.

2-Pack Special Offer! Buy 1 and get a 2nd FREE of same shade unless otherwise specified! 


Our loose powders will resist caking and settling in lines and pores, while providing a silky smooth, natural 'semi-matte' finish. Layers to provide a light-medium (buildable) coverage. Vegan friendly. 


Aruba and Cozumel: Boron Nitride, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Silica, Iron Oxide, Jojoba Esters

Please be sure to review our return / exchange policy prior to placing your first order.

The primary purpose for using mineral makeup is to even out the skin tone for a more natural and luminous appearance. A sheer application will mirror your skin tone - naturally. Mineral makeup will adjust as it blends with your skins natural oils, creating a flawless look with no line of demarcation.

The first step to mineral foundation application is to properly prepare your face with moisturizer. Always be sure the moisturizer is completely soaked in before foundation application, in order to avoid streaking.

Next, you may want to further prepare your skin with a light layer of Multi-Task powder as a primer. This delightful powder is nearly colorless and suitable for all skin tones. It will help create a smooth surface on which to apply your foundation. This is especially good for those with oily skin, large pores and/or scarring.

1) To apply the foundation, start with a clean makeup tool made for mineral makeup, such as a Kabuki or Puff.

2) Pick a small amount of powder up with your Puff or Kabuki, and tap off excess.

3) Gently buff powder in a circular motion onto skin, starting with areas that need extra coverage.

4) Work the foundation into the skin by pressing the brush or puff gently but firmly to your face.

5) To get a flawless natural look, always apply mineral foundation in thin, light layers. Keep adding layers until the desired coverage has been reached.

Your mineral foundation color will deepen slightly, and will set after warming to your skin.

To greatly reduce (or completely eliminate) waste, mess, and airborne particles, try our Mini Mop Sponge Brush or Puff.

Always remember, less is better! Mineral foundation will "warm" to the skin with a healthy and natural matte finish, with coverage that lasts all day.

Sensitive Skin: When first trying out a new product, it is advisable to try the product in a small area first to see if your skin will have a reaction. Other products that may cause an allergic reaction are hair care products, cleansers, toners and moisturizers. If you experience an initial irritation (itching) after makeup application, this may be due to the bristles from your brush. Make sure you purchase a brush with soft (but firm) bristles. You may also wish to try a synthetic brush, if you are allergic to animal hair, or a puff.

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