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  • +Q: What is boron nitride, and is it safe?

    A: We use a high purity "cosmetic" grade boron nitride. Boron nitride is a synthesis of natural (Boron) mineral. Our boron nitride powders contain no nanoparticles, and have had product safety evaluations conducted by an independent laboratory and were determined to be completely safe for cosmetic use in all parts of the world. Our boron nitride powders are hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) - an inert and non-toxic material. It is non-abrasive and lubricious (unlike cubic Boron Nitride which is hard like diamond). In comparison to mica, mica contains particles that are relatively angular, abrasive and feel rough, unlike Boron Nitride cosmetic powders. hBN is an approved cosmetic ingredient and has been used in cosmetics for 20 years. There has never been any claim against hBN as causing any health issue, including infection or damage to the lungs, liver, kidney or skin. Per the independent studies of this product, Boron Nitride powders are non-toxic and inert. This ingredient does not contain any chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth, or any other reproductive defect. In addition, the "Cosmetic Ingredient Review" has recently reviewed the safety of boron nitride and has released the following statement, "The CIR Expert Panel concluded that boron nitride is safe in the present practices of use and concentration described in this safety assessment." March 29, 2013

  • +Q: Where can I purchase your products?

    A: In addition to our website, we have a list of select retailers that can be found under our Customer Support page

  • +Q: Do you offer samples of your products?

    A: No. However, all loose powder foundations, and Mult Task powder are available in trial sized jars.

  • +Q: Do your products contain heavy metals, for example arsenic?

    A: Our products have been tested for heavy metals, and the levels of heavy metals were all negligible to none. In particular, no traces of arsenic have been detected in our loose minerals.

  • +Q: Do you use nanoparticles in your products?

    A: No. None of our products contain nanoparticles. You may find information about our ingredients by clicking on any of the product images or name.

  • +Q: Are your ingredients further micronized during manufacturing?

    A: Our blending process will only ensure that the powders disperse evenly, and will not cause a further reduction in size.

  • +Q: Are your products gluten free?

    A: Please contact a specialist via our Contact us page. Also, please include a list of the products that you are inquiring about, so that we may address each item individually

  • +Q: Do your products contain...?

    A: Please click on the "color swatch" (where available) or "product name" to access our ingredients list.

  • +Q: Do your foundations contain sunscreen? What is the spf of your foundation?

    A: Our foundations have not been lab tested to establish the amount of sun protection they provide, therefore, we recommend using precaution while in the sun. Traditional mineral makeup contains either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are the main mineral ingredients that offer sun protection. Our loose powder foundations do not contain either of these ingredients. If further information is needed, please contact a specialist via the Contact us page

  • +Q: I use Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals) foundation. Can you help me match my shade?

    A: From our Customer Support page, click on “How to choose the right shade”, and then click on “Foundation”. From there you will see the link Match My Bare Escentuals Shade. We match most of the Bare Escentuals “original” foundation formulas. Please note that these are not perfect matches, but are our closest match.

  • +Q: I use _______(any other product than Bare Minerals foundation). Can you help me match my shade?

    A: Please send a small sample of your product to our staff for matching at: Rejuva Minerals, Inc. PO Box 350835, Grand Island, FL. Please include your email address, and we will contact you with our recommendations.

  • +Q: I don’t know what foundation shade to choose. Can you help?

    A: From our Customer Support page, you will find a “How to choose the right shade” link. From there, you will find a Foundation link

  • +Q: I need extra coverage from my foundation. What can I do?

    A: Please visit our Customer Support page to find a link to our Application Tips. Here you will find tips on how to apply our foundations. You may also wish to try our concealers, or try applying the foundation with our Sponge Brush or Velour Puffs, which can be found in our Tools page (here).

  • +Q: I am pregnant, are your products safe for me? I have allergies, does your product contain ______?

    A: Please click on the "color swatch" (where available) or "product name" to access our ingredients list. If you have any medical condition, please discuss our ingredients with your physician.

  • +Q: How do I return an item?

    A: Please review our Refund Policy, found on the left side bar, and then contact a specialist via the Contact us page

  • +Q: Do you test your products on animals?

    A: As members of PETA, no, we do not test our products on animals.

  • +Q: Do you offer your products wholesale to businesses?

    A: Yes, we offer our products wholesale to select Brick and Mortar establishments. Please email management

  • +Q: I have a blog. Can you send me free samples for a review of your products?

    A: We do not participate in blog reviews at this time

  • +Q: Can I pay by check or money order?

    A: For USA customers, you may mail your order, along with a check or money order, to: Rejuva Minerals, Inc. PO Box 350835, Grand Island, FL 32735. Please include an email address and phone # in case we need to contact you. Shipping fees can be found under our Customer Support page

  • +Q: Can you declare my order as a gift for an international order?

    A: All international orders will be declared as "merchandise" with the appropriate description and value. We can not declare your order as a gift, or with a lower value, as this would be unlawful.

  • +Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

    A: Rejuva Minerals, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information received by Rejuva Minerals is not shared or sold. Information is collected during website visits and during the purchase process. Purchase information is maintained only as required to engage in secure consumer- friendly ecommerce. Users who purchase products may, on occasion, receive promotional emails. Users may opt-out of our mailing list, by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link of the promotional email. Users may change their address or other personal information in their account. Users may edit any of their personal information by logging in and following the instructions in their account. If an account is not created during a purchase, a user may choose to create one later. Rejuva Minerals does provide links to other web sites and is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these other sites. Though we make every effort to preserve your privacy, although unlikely, we may need to disclose personal information "if required by law " in the event that we have a reasonable belief that such action is necessary to comply with any legal proceeding involving our website.