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Credict Cards Accepted

How to Place an Order

You may order through our secure website (We accept MC, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal), or mail a check or money order (USA customers only) to the address below.

If you are having difficulty placing your order, and receive an error message similar to "declined due to an address or ZIP code mismatch with the address on file with the card issuing bank based on the settings in the Merchant Interface", please contact your bank to find out what billing address they have on file that is associated with the credit card you are using. You will need to use the exact address and other information that they have on file for you. This is a security feature that we have in place to protect our customers.

If mailing your order, please send check or money order, along with your order details (be sure to include shipping) to:

Rejuva Minerals, Inc.
PO Box 350835
Grand Island, FL 32735-0835

*Please note, if paying by check, your check must clear before your order will be processed.