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 Rejuva Minerals offers mica free foundation and titanium dioxide free foundation



#Repost @regenerationnetwork ・・・ Good morning beauties! Hope you're having an impeccable weekend so far.🌞So a couple days ago I did a photoshoot (it was a total favor, definitely not emerging from retirement!🙈) and I only accepted to do this shoot if 👉🏼my own👈🏼 makeup was used.💋 A contributing factor in my decision to stop modeling back in my twenties was the reluctance I had in allowing toxic chemicals to be slathered all over me on a regular basis (check out 'The Human Experiment' on Netflix for a little enlightenment💡). It was back then that I prowled to find healthy alternatives for my day to day makeup needs ("needs"😂). I tried a few brands, but the @rejuvaminerals foundations were what looked most natural. They have a zero rating (best possible) across the board with EWG and are both gluten-free and vegan.😍 I've loved this stuff for years, and am now glad to know it also photographs well when applied a little heavier. I feel like professional models and actors 🌍worldwide🌎 need to come together and refuse to accept jobs where makeup artists are using chemical laden products. Maybe start a #prettycleanmodels or #cleangreenmodels hashtag.. Something to that effect anyway; Hashtag suggestions needed!🚨 Please spread the word to all your friends in the entertainment industry and follow natural beauty gurus here on Instagram for inspiration. Check out one of my favorites @organicbunny 🐇. If you have a favorite natural beauty expert here on Instagram, please let me know! 👄💗💅☀️👄💗💅☀️👄💗👄 In this pic I'm wearing: Natural Look Pressed Powder Foundation/Bronzer in Sea Shell and St. Tropez 🔹 Twist Up Eye Liner Crayon in Black Sapphire 🔹 Pur Lash Volumizing Mascara in Black Pearl 🔹 Lip Gloss in Sheer Cherry Splash🍒💖😘

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  • I first found your site while browsing the Internet for the EWG SkinDeep Organization.  I saw their top rating for your products.  I couldn't wait to try these as I wanted a natural mineral foundation that was good for my skin. Your foundation is wonderful.  I first ordered the trial package to test for the proper shade.  It was easy to determine the shade and I also found I could mix and match shades as they are very forgiving.  The variety of shades is very good as we all need something different for the various seasons.  The powder is finely milled and silky soft. I have since reordered the foundation.  It leaves a nice natural creamy look to my skin.  My sister remarked that my foundation and skin looked so natural and creamy.  It truly leaves me poreless and gives a no makeup look and feel. The coverage is great as I have some age spots and minor scars. I absolutely love this and highly recommend it to everyone.  It surpasses any other foundation and I have tried them all.  It is so good for your skin. The other day I was out in the cold and wind here.  The wind had dried out my skin.  I was at my sisters and I thought to try a liquid foundation for some moisture.  What a mistake as it got cakey, looked heavy and unnatural.  The next day I broke out with a spot.  Believe me girls, your skin does know and react to what is put on it.  I then developed some blotchiness.  I couldn't wait to get it off when I got home.  As I was back on the minerals the appearance of my skin totally changed and went back to normal. You can’t go wrong with this mineral foundation.  I am 60 years old and this foundation does not accentuate any fine lines or errors in my skin. It is not drying or powdery.  It gives me a youthful creamy appearance. Here is how I apply it:  I spray my brush lightly with rose water, then dip in the mineral powder and apply to one section at a time.  I buff one direction, then reverse the direction and buff.  This gives me a wonderful coverage and poreless appearance. I spray the brush each time for each section.  You only need a little bit for each section as starting with less is better to layer a natural look.  I love applying with a damp brush and finishing with a dry brush. You will not be disappointed. Dottie
  • I just wanted to say how much I am loving my Rejuva Minerals makeup! I've replaced 'almost' all of my standard, commercial, questionable makeup with Rejuva products and have never been happier. The Multi-Task Powder is my favorite. I have very oily skin and live in the hot south. 'Traditional' makeup never lasts through the day, especially in the summer. The Multi-Task Powder makes my skin look almost air-brushed and when I get home from work, my makeup is still there! Thank you for making an exceptional product I feel good about using! Jennifer Sloan
  • Love my new blush and finishing powder ...even in this heat. The multi task powder gives a very smooth finish. I liked the old finishing powder but this one exceeds expectations.....It says to use it before makeup so I use very little, then makeup, little blush and finish with multi task,  very smooth. Ann,  MA 
  • I have THE most sensitive skin. And, I've tried at least 4 different foundations recommended on skin deep. Yours has been so right on for me in terms of being so light and not causing ANY irritation. People have commented when I wear my Golden Amber how amazing my skin looks. I have great skin to start with and it's extra annoying when a product makes your good skin worse. Yours has only enhanced and not harmed what I already have. So, thank you. The color was the right match for me, it has made my skin look more glowing and I never experienced any irritation (until, of course, i ran out of foundation and tapped into one of those other brands!). Anyway, thanks for making a really great product. Suzanne Lang
  • I love the Sand concealer! I have a light golden skin tone and this concealer works wonderfully for me. I apply the foundation on my face first and then the concealer - the concealer is thick enough and sticks well on skin even though its in powder form. I am always amazed by how well it matches with my skin tone and conceals as well! I highly recommend it. Fharzana
  • Dear Rejuva,  I have received my sample kit of your products, and I'm really impressed!  I'm not one to like cosmetics easily, but these are wonderful.  I've just ordered more and can't wait to try them too. Thank you for helping me feel like I look good at age 63.  And thank you especially for doing good things for our health and our planet. Sincerely, Di Anna C. Kruse
  • I used Bare Minerals eight years ago and liked how it's more "natural" than other cosmetic lines.  Since I became pregnant and had a baby, I was more aware household toxic products and began switching to organics and non-toxic/chemical free products.  I even stopped wearing make up to avoid cosmetic products to irritate my baby's sensitive/eczema skin.  I searched on and thank god I found Rejuva Minerals.  Love the foundation and eye shadows.  Now I can wear Organic make up and know that my baby won't be harmed!
  • I ordered the Rejuva Minerals Foundation and I love it! I am going to order the bigger jar. I have sensitive skin and am very careful about what goes on my face and I am so thrilled that this foundation doesn't irritate my skin at all. It also looks very natural and doesn't feel heavy, in fact you can barely feel it. I am definitely going to try other products and will be recommending this to all my friends.
  • I sampled Rejuva foundation in several colors and ended up deciding on the Foundation in Soft Tan. (I am a fair skinned brunette) I absolutely love it! It looks completely natural yet has enough coverage to enhance my fair complexion. It lasts all day yet feels like I am wearing nothing at all. I also love the glow I get from the loose powder blush in Soft Rose. I have been seeking out products with less chemicals and am so glad I found Rejuva. Your product is amazing, prices are reasonable, and your customer support has been incredible! You have a new loyal customer! Thank You!!
  • I purchased Rejuva Minerals Loose Powder Eyeshadow, Loose Powder Foundation, Eyeliner. Previously I had suffered bad allergies from conventional makeup and had found that most makeup damaged and dried out my skin. Rejuva Minerals supplies an gorgeous array of quality natural products and I am a huge fan of the mineral makeup which they supply that does not use titanium dioxide. ~ Kind Regards N.C. Australia
  • I'm so happy that I found Rejuva! I've converted my entire household to a non-toxic household, and found make-up to be one of the most difficult items to find without toxic chemicals. I love your foundation, eyeshadow and blush. Thanks so much!
  • Two years ago, when I turned 50, I threw away all my make-up and researched safe, healthy make-up products.  I found Rejuva Minerals listed on Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.  I placed an order for several trial size foundation and eyeshadow.  I was so amazed at the results.  It really does make a difference, even on mature skin!  I had comments on my skin within a few days of using the Mineral foundation.  I reordered the largest size and have been using it ever since. I love it and would recommend it to everyone.  Also, I can't wait for the mascara.  that is the only product I have to use from a different company, but I will be ordering Rejuva's mascara as soon as I can. Thank you for your wonderful products.
  • I had been using Bare Minerals for years, but I suddenly developed a SEVERE allergy to titanium dioxide. At first I was disheartened to learn that no makeup out there could cover my rosacea without giving me a painful reaction. Then I discovered Rejuva Minerals. The powder foundation works great, so I can feel confident without getting any type of allergic reaction. Rejuva Minerals: a complete lifesaver. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  • I would like to say that after my daughter and I have used bare minerals for years we both developed and allergic reaction.  We both have acne and  at age 47  I have roscea.  After researching all types of mineral make-ups and trying samples we LOVE rejuva.  My daughter age 15 has been teased about her red face (she is on accutane and years of retin-A) but now she is so happy to say I do not have a red face anymore.  The rejuva has calmed her face for the first time in years!!!  It is amazing and the fact that my daughter for the first time is able to show her face without feeling self-concious makes it a miracle in our house!!!
  • Hi – just wanted to let you know I’m hooked!  I’ve been using Bare Minerals for a couple of years but haven’t been happy with the look lately.  In my search to find something organic I found your website - I love that you can order the sample jars and ordered 5 different foundations and shades to try for less than I pay for a jar of my normal foundation.  I’m 44 and have always suffered from acne and have a hard time finding a foundation to cover it up that doesn’t make it worse.  Thanks for making such a great product – I can’t wait to place another order and try some of your other products!  Kim L.
  • I can't believe I ever wore unhealthy makeup products...I will never switch back.  I'm also impressed with the customer service and quick delivery of products.Thank you, Mary Dean Johnson
  • I had been using Bare Escentuals for years thinking that I was using a "natural" product, but then I researched on Skin Deep.  I found that BE wasn't as good as I thought.  I also have rosecea and BE sometimes irritated my skin--I could feel my cheeks burning.  I tried another brand of natural makeup, but it did not cover at all.  So, I decided to try Rejuva Minerals. I got the loose powder foundation.  It doesn't irritate my skin and I LOVE IT because it covers the redness in my skin.  Also, it doesn't have that shiny appearance that I had with BE.  It is so nice to know that I'm using something that isn't harmful to me.  Once in while I even put a little on my 2-year-old daughter who likes to watch when I'm putting my makeup on and I know that there is nothing in there that will hurt her.  I will be ordering more product and I can't wait to try some different items.  Thanks Rejuva Minerals for the great products
  • I thought that I would never be able to use cosmetics.  Nothing seems to work, even brandnames. I would either suffer from severe breakouts or skin irritation. I happen to chance upon Rejuva minerals and after reading the rave reviews online, I decided to give Rejuva minerals a try, and myself, another chance.  It works!  I did not have allergic reactions to the products and I can use it without worrying about getting acne breakouts! Thank you!  My face stays fresh and matt without the greasy feel, unlike some liquid foundation.  I love the blush! It brings a natural hue to my face!  Thank you! Regards, Cecilia
  • I am so pleased with your products and the support I get when ever I write in and ask questions. I always get my feed back within a day or the same day. I first discovered your product on the site after using the bare minerals for a couple of years and not really liking their product all that much. I am 59 and of course I have wrinkles and dry skin on top of that. Well I was so impressed with your customer help on what to try and got a bunch of samples to try and loved your cosmetics the first day I tried it. My skin looks so good and it hides my flaws so perfectly and so naturally and it never looks like I even have make up on... I am a researcher so I was writing back and forth with your staff on what to try and next thing I know I am almost out of the crummy stuff I am using and about to go on vacation and in a panic I tell your staff I need something really fast and they took such great care of me and sent me samples to take with me on my vacation and got them to me within a day or two in time to fly out of town... I used those samples and was so impressed as soon as I got home I ordered full size products. I am ones of those who uses a little darker product in the summer time and lighter in the winter and the staff helped me put together 2 colors which I adjust to the season... I am also impressed with the price of your products very reasonable indeed. Keep up the good work and I just keep telling others about how wonderful and safe for my skin and health your products are. You have my business and all my friends too. Dian, Sumner, Washington
  • I've been using Bare mineral for 5 years and always thought I have natural product.  But recently check the and found out the rating for Bare mineral foundation (medium) is 3 out of 10.  Although compare to lots of other brand , 3 is not bad, but as a company and the founder always claim their foundation has no harmful ingredients and even good for your skin, I felt I was cheated all the years.  Now I am glad I found Rejuva, the rating of Rejuva on is outstanding.  I received my order from Rejuva and absolutely love it! And I notice the eye shadow actually stays longer than Bare mineral. I usually have to do a touch up for Bare.  But I don't need to do that at lunch with your eye shadow.  Now I can have a TRUE peace of mind about the makeup I'm wearing.  I can touch my daughter's face without worry about pass the harmful chemical to her baby skin. Thank for your product to make women pretty without the risk.
  • Hi, I've just received my foundation in cool beige and just love how it glides on evenly.It looks so natural and most importantly it doesn't dry my face out like sheercover or other brands do. I finally found the right foundation that works for me and I will definitely be back for more when I run out. Thanks! Judy
  • I just recently switched to Rejuva from the pricier "department-store brands" -- and I'm so glad I did! Your products are great for my combination skin, making me look (and, therefore, feel) 10 years younger! Terrific! -- Jeannie; California
  • I was so happy to have your makeup line recommended to me. Bare Escentuals wasn’t pure at all so I decided to try Rejuva Minerals. I use your loose powder foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner and I love them all. Your customer service is very attentive and helpful which definitely is a plus with on-line ordering. Karen
  • I had been using PUR minerals makeup and come to find out they are not very pure at all! I wanted to find a non toxic makeup and that's when I found rejuva minerals. I have tried the concealer, blush and eyeshadow. I love them all! They go on great, look great and stay on all day! I will be ordering full sizes very soon! Thanks for making great natural products! - Jennifer
  • I used to use Bare Escentuals, but due to my support of the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website, I have switched to your products which have a low toxicity rating. I am pleased with your blush and concealer as they look so natural on an over 60 yr. old woman. C, CA
  • Hi RM - I have been using Rejuva Minerals (purchased concealer, blush, foundation, and eye makeup) and am VERY HAPPY with your products. I was attracted to the line because of the pure and simple ingredient list. All of the products work beautifully and I have begun recommending them to family and friends (many are bare minerals users who are sure to convert like I am!). The products apply beautifully and truly last the day. I look forward to buying full sizes and trying other colors. Thank you...Thank you! Susan
  • I have been doing a lot of research into natural, chemical free makeup. It's hard to get good quality, organic makeup without ordering it online. I'm always skeptical of ordering makeup online because I don't know if I will like the color or not. I was very happy to find that your products can be bought in trial sizes. I just purchased 2 of your eyeshadow/liners and can't wait to try them. I will keep you updated. Thanks! Megan- Pleasant Valley, NY
  • WOW, I love this makeup. I have been a pretty devoted Bare minerals girl for 3 years now but recently read that is has some harmful ingredients and after research found rejuva. Let me just say this makeup is fabulous. It is so soft and smooth. I found that my other mineral makeup seemed to be cakey all the sudden and was feeling like my skin was dirtier. This feels and looks so good on you can not tell you are wearing makeup. I love it, I am coming back for more foundation, thanks for such beautiful healthy products! Kathe-Texas
  • I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP!!! To the creators of Rejuva Minerals, After months of research, I finally found a make-up that will not aggravate, cause acne or contain ingredients harmful to organs! I am on a quest to clean out all beauty items and start over. The loose powder foundations are so wonderful. I just ordered the eye shadow and look forward to trying it! I have referred so many family members! Thank you so much!!! :) Regards, BM
  • I had been using other mineral products over the last 2 years, and lately my skin has become very dry and the makeup looks cakey. I wanted to switch to a more natural product without parabens or bismuth. I read about Rejuva Minerals online and decided I would sample a few of the products. The customer service team helped me choose colors and I tried the foundation and concealer and absolutely love them all! The foundation went on very smooth and not cakey – makes my skin look great! I am now going to order some eye shadow colors, finishing powder and lip gloss. I’m so glad I found this company and will recommend you to my friends! thank you, Eileen Turner
  • Rejuva minerals, I just wanted to tell you how your mineral foundation has truly changed my life! I have tried EVERY mineral foundation under the sun! And it either made me look like a corpse, or broke out my skin. Now I’ve found that I don’t need to pack on the make-up because my skin is so clear! Thank you so much!! Katie Miesbauer
  • I just ordered Bareminerals mineral make-up a month ago and was shocked when I learned it has bismuth oxycholride in it. I was very disappointed and called the company right away. I returned the product and will now order from Rejuva since this company has no bismuth oxycholride in its make-up and also since it is a member of the Safe Cosmetics Organization. I researched all the natural cosmetic lines and found Rejuva to be the best in its quality of ingredients. Can't wait to try it! Marietta Brown
  • I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I love your products. I love that they are so much more natural than all the over- the-counter products. It feels great to know that I am not smearing a bunch of chemicals on my face! My skin really seems to appreciate it as well as I have not had any break-outs since switching to Rejuva Minerals! The powder foundation gives wonderful, natural coverage, the powder is so soft and natural as well, the blush has just the perfect amount of color, and the eyeshadows are great for both eyeshadow and eyeliner and it doesn't leave the creases on my eye-lids, even after a full day outside, at work, or in the gym. I cannot wait to try more of your products. Thank you so much for a great, safer line of make-up! - Jennifer A. (Colorado)
  • I want to add my review or comments for your product, I really love to use safety cosmetics, thank you for being there with GREAT products, I had to order other for my eye and lips too. Lily
  • I am allergic to titanium dioxide and your make-up has been a true miracle for me. I love every product I have purchased and I continue to discover more great finds every time I come to your site. Thanks, I am a Rejuva customer for life! Stephanie - Texas
  • I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I like your product. I have ordered several items and have been pleased with all of them. I have tried numerous mineral makeup companies in the past and yours is the best, hands down. I will definitely be ordering from Rejua Minerals again. Thank you for a great product. C.H.
  • Thank you so much for sending my makeup when you did. I received my makeup a day before my wedding. I was so excited, as I was able to wear it on my wedding day. I had no reaction, no itching or rash. It made my day. So thank you very much. You will be hearing from me again. If you have any updates on your makeup, could you please email, as your makeup is the only brand i can use. My mother loves your foundation. It looks great on her skin, and doesn't make her skin itchy. My mother has a lot of allergies, and this makeup will suit her. Thank you. p.s. I love the fact that you don't use paraben, talc or other chemicals. MD, Australia.
  • I have been wearing Rejuva minerals for the last week and I love it! A friend of mine gave me one of her samples so I could try it because I loved how it looked on her. I am going to order my own soon. M.T.
  • I wanted to share how much I love Rejuva Mineral Make-up! I was skeptical that natural products would provide the look I wanted, but find that the foundation and powder do give adequate natural coverage. My family comments that I have a "glow" about me. I am very pleased with your product and would highly recommend it. Thank you! T.B.
  • I love your products-- thanks! I'm so happy that I found your company. I have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated with mineral makeup containing titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, and other ingredients such as synthetic chemicals and petrochemicals. My skin is happy with the foundation and "Ivory" fits my skin tone perfectly. I use it along with the finishing powder and it lasts all day and into the night, even on hot and humid days. It is light enough not to make me look like I have makeup on, but enough coverage that any blemishes are concealed. Overall, I am very happy with your mineral makeup and will definitely purchase more in the future. Blythe G.
  • I just had to take the time to let you know how happy I am that I found Rejuva Minerals. I have been using various brands of mineral makeup for about seven years and was never really thrilled with any of them. I started looking around for a mineral foundation that offered anti aging properties and that's when I came across Rejuva. Not only does Rejuva offer a foundation with the ingredients that I was looking for, it also has a shade that is just perfect for my skin tone!  I look forward to trying many more of your fabulous products; you have gained a customer for life! -M. Shuler
  • I had to tell you how fantastic your products are. I have extremely sensitive skin, and even though it is generally clear, as soon as I put on makeup, my face gets bright red, burns and itches. My eyes even swell. It is awful, especially since I love getting all dolled up! Enter Rejuva Cosmetics. How fantastic your products are! I'm convinced they actually make my skin softer. I've used the foundation, blush, shadow, liner, mascara and lipstick for about a month now, and I've been absolutely thrilled. I even fell asleep before I washed my face and had not a blemish in the morning. I just have to thank you thank you thank you for thinking to create such high quality, delicious, delightful products. I've literally thrown away all of my other products! T.G.
  • Rejuva Mineral has won me over. I previously wore Bare Minerals, though over times my skin reacted to it and I was left with clogged pores (which the minerals seem to highlight), as a result my complexion seemed older, and my skin was very itchy. I was ready to give up Mineral makeup but then decide to research the ingredients in mineral makeup to find the most safest ingredients for my face. After researching quite a few brands, Rejuva makeup seem to be the best fit for me. I purchased the design your own kit and I am so very pleased. In the time I've used Rejuva makeup my pores have shrank back to normal and my complexion appears more younger, clearer and brilliant. I am so very pleased with their products and I'm happy I found Rejuva makeup.-S. Mayer, California
  • At last lovely skin without itching I'm a 37 year old mother-of-three with sensitive but otherwise good skin. A year ago I discovered mineral makeup and I fell in love with the idea of just adding light and luster to my skin rather than liquid makeup. My first brand was Bare Minerals, but my skin reacted by itching terribly if I happened to feel warm or break even the slightest sweat. I then tried out Everyday Minerals and a Swedish brand called Mine. I had a nice result for a couple of weeks, then terrible itching and and allergic reactions. This time I was ready to give up. A few weeks ago I googled for alternative mineral brands and found Rejuva. I tried out a variety of samples and I'm really happy with the results. My skin looks even better than with the other brands and the feel is natural, neither dry nor itchy. Beige seems to be a good winter match for my skin tone, but in summer I might mix it with Tan. My best friend says my skin really glows and she wants to try out Rejuva too, although she doesn't have any skin problems. I'm now going to try out some gorgeous eye shadows... thank you for making a brand that cares for my skin! J. M. Stockholm
  • These eye shadows are wonderful!! I have very sensitive eyes (especially to titanium dioxide) and these shadows feel very comfortable.  C.M.
  • I am allergic to titanium dioxide. I am so pleased to find your products. They are so nice and you are constantly adding new items to try. I couldn't be happier! Sandy P.
  • Wow! I am so excited about your products! My skin is vary sensitive. I am allergic to titanium dioxide. I have been having skin problems because it is so hard to find make up with out titanium. I tried your products for the first time and I love them. My skin seems to like it! Also your line is so affordable and that was a relief, because I thought I would have to spend a fortune finding something that worked for me. Thank you for helping me look beautiful! Tori D.
  • Hi Ladies, I'm happy again to comment on your wonderful products. I've never used mineral foundation, and find that it's a great alternative to liquid foundation - it looks more natural and provides adequate coverage without that cakey look. I'm sure it's much better for the skin overall since it probably doesn't promote pore clogging the way liquids do. I would never had thought that it could look and apply that well, but I'll never go back to liquid foundation again. Not to mention the biggest sell of all - the ingredients (in all your products) I work in the cancer research field and can attest to the fact that most of the make up that's marketed (including expensive department store brands) contain ingredients that are known toxins, specifically paraben based items. Thanks for marketing something without all the chemicals. I've shared your site with my girl pals and they are all excited about getting healthier - starting with their skin! Nancy
  • Let me tell you, I just love this product! I have looked for years for a makeup without those exact ingredients and began using Real Purity. It was the closest to a good, completely natural makeup that I could find. However, my skin is oily and it begins to shine but it never felt like I had anything on which I like. I started looking for mineral makeup so that my mornings would be easier for getting ready for work. Also hoping the powder formula would cut down some of my shine. I even talked to a chemist to find out how damaging titanium dioxide can be and was looking to start my own line! So, what I’m trying to say is thanks so much for this product! It’s so wonderful and exactly what I needed! I also greatly appreciate your help when I’ve had a question. Sincerely, Robin
  • The make up is wonderful - Thank you :) J.R., Australia
  • I absolutely LOVE Rejuva Minerals, you have a customer for LIFE. As a side note, my perfect colour is a combination of two.... thanks for being SO great!! N.J. TN
  • I'm very excited to wear Rejuva II products. I've battled acne & problem skin for many years. At 34 years of age I feel confident that this is what will work! H.D. WI
  • Thank you for being there with GREAT products. J.S.
  • I received the foundation samples, and I really like how they feel, and I especially like that I have no itchiness anymore. I ordered the Neutral. M.B.
  • I finally found a foundation that doesn't irritate my skin! No more itching! Thank you! J.L. Colorado
  • I really like the natural look that I get with this foundation! It looks like I am not wearing any makeup at all! It also helps to balance out my uneven skin tone. I will definitely buy this product again! L.L. Florida
  • Finally! A makeup without titanium! I have looked everywhere! This is the first foundation that I have been able to wear in a long time! Thanks so much for carrying this product! Love the flawless look that I get with this makeup! M.B. SC
  • What a fantastic makeup! So smooth, and it makes my face feel so soft! Incredibly sheer, but also covers my flaws. Great product! A.C. NC
  • I just tried a sample of the Rejuva loose foundation, and can't wait to get my next order! Thank you! P.J. Alabama
  • I tried the trial pack of your Rejuva make up and I’m so pleased with the results. I have very sensitive skin, especially with eye shadow. I haven’t been able to wear that for several years because I couldn’t find any mica free shadow. Finally I’ve found some I can wear all day without itchy eyes. I also love the foundation, my skin feels so soft and smooth, and the coverage is good for my coloring imperfections. The only thing I’m unhappy with is my choice of color for the blush, it was too orange for me, but other than that, two thumbs up, I will definitely buy more! Sincerely, Donna
  • I ordered foundation samples from you and I really like the feeling and coverage of the foundation. J.L.
  • Seems the Rejuva for all skin types works just fine - not itching as w/ other mineral products. MB
  • I'm loving your mineral products!! L.B.
  • Hi, I love your products! G.T., CA
  • So far they're wonderful. They glide on to my skin perfectly and my face looks lovely! YE
  • I am allergic to micas, and I received the eye shadow and really like them. Thank you. A.G.
  •  I have been wanting to try mineral makeup for awhile. After doing my research I like what Rejuva has to offer the best. S.R.
  • I love this quality foundation! I received a trial size and I will definitely purchase a full-size. Goes on smooth and feels silky. Covers the dark circles under my eyes, light and weightless on the rest of my face, and lasts all day. B.T.
  • Thanks- your product is the first make-up I've found that doesn't itch and looks so natural! Donna
  • I love your products and will be a frequent buyer. C.M. CA